ABAVIA Field Guide: Butter Bomb Tree

Throughout the duration of the Moon of Abavia’s fourth season, the Butter Bomb Tree (Prunus butyrum) will bear highly aromatic, plump, spherical fruit that measures approximately 12.5 cm wide. Freckled with sizable oil glands, the sour golden peel is easily penetrable. This hefty (though somewhat fragile berry) is often gleefully pecked apart as a delightful snack by the petite yet formidable beaks of arboreal creatures such as the Baum Evemaus and the Blue-tailed Berrienabler.

True to its title, a butter bomb berry will explode on contact if it suddenly drops from a tree’s overburdened limbs. Revealing a soft, velvety pulp, milky juices, and one smooth seed, this gorgeous fruit is rich in scrumptious fats. Butter bomb flesh boasts the ability to strengthen one’s heart. Their bitter ovate leaves are believed to possess regenerative healing properties.

Mysterious and stubborn, this cherished Rosaceae will only grow along sacred river banks, bursting from crumbling temple walls as pure water trickles continuously to the roots. As hungry and even ailing creatures attempt to consume the fruit’s creamy interior and crisp leaves to reap a multitude of regenerative benefits, a great bringer of balance lurks below. Camouflaged beneath twisted branches and sacred stones, the Temple Wyrm patiently rests in the shadows, eager to swallow trespassers whole. In ancient times long before the temples began to drown, beastly wyrms were nowhere to be found. Beware to all who crave the honey-warm comforts of the butter bomb tree.

Several rotations ago, after returning from a most harrowing trip across the galaxy, I began sketching and scribbling journal entries describing the inhabitants of an exceptionally ancient, life-bearing moon known today as Abavia Materna. The delicate clusters of gentle, intellectual beings who once graced her steep mountain ranges appear to have perished. Now, her face is a savage one; dominated by ferocious beasts of the air and sea. You may explore detailed notes regarding my discoveries there whenever you select a passage containing ABAVIA in the title. Until next time, dear reader, be well!

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